Our Model- From Seedling to Dwelling

GUAYACAN INC reforests deforested cattle lands and converts the wood grown into modern prefab homes. We use our reforested wood to produce flooring, doors, windows, and structural components, which when put together make a beautifully designed high-quality modern prefab home. We will also sell the components separately. Each home captures 100-150 tons of carbon. The average American produces 15-20 tons a year, so our homes will cover your carbon footprint for 5-10 years.

Aside from capturing carbon, we also provide an alternative for deforestation. The cause of deforestation in Nicaragua, Brazil and other rainforest countries is simple:

An acre of forest can be purchased by a rural farmer for $150-$300. When they deforest the land for cattle its worth $1,000 - $1,500 per acre. Deforestation is profitable and adds economic value to the land. In order to end this cycle GUAYACAN INC makes REFORESTATION profitable by paying tree growing farmers for their wood 3-5 times what they make from cattle.

Over the past 11 years we have been developing our “From Seedling to Dwelling” model and have planted over a million trees on once deforested lands in Nicaragua. We have a strategic partnership with Taking Root (www.takingroot.org), a carbon funded community reforestation non-profit that has reforested 8500 acres of community owned land. Guayacan Inc. provides market for wood grown on deforested pastures and make reforestation a profitable alternative to cattle grazing.

Guayacan Inc’s homes are designed to convert renewable high-quality hardwoods into the ultimate carbon sink (a home) while paying farmers and tree growers an economically sustainable price for their wood to incentivize mass reforestation.

We are two former Peace Corps Volunteers who are deeply passionate about addressing climate change through sustainable business. Similar to what is happening in the Amazon now, in Nicaragua we have watched year after year as tens of thousands of acres of forests are cleared for pastureland. Cattle is currently one of few options for rural Nicaraguans to make a living. 


We have seen deforestation first hand for 17 years and know that the causes are economic and can only be reversed by offering alternatives. 

Reforestation and renewable wood products are the solution to deforestation. Wood is the only renewable building material that captures carbon when it grows and turns cleared degraded pasture lands back into forests.

Our experience in the California construction industry has also shown us the vast need for our product. We see a huge opportunity to sell sustainable prefabricated homes due to the inefficiencies and high costs in the US building industry. California building costs have increased to $300-400 per square foot for low quality production homes, and the process is long, complicated, and wasteful. 

We build high quality and efficiently designed homes at a lower cost, while promoting reforestation in the lungs of the world. 


Our sister furniture company Masaya & Co. is a pioneer in the SEED TO SEAT production of furniture. It manages 1100 acres planted to date. All furniture is manufactured in Nicaragua for maximized sustainability and economic impact. Masaya & Co. has trained hundreds of Nicaraguan locals to become world class foresters, designers and craftsmen. 


GUAYACAN INC produces homes from SEEDLING TO DWELLING using the same principles.